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Can you identify who is talking Name % Correct
I was Andrew Jackson's VP who endorsed the doctrine of Nullification.John C. Calhoun
I was a Massachusetts senator who believed in the strength of the Union.Daniel Webster
I challenged the ruling in Worcester v. Ga.Andrew Jackson
I tried to recharter the bank to ruin Andrew Jackson's political career.Henry Clay
I was the president of the Second National Bank of the United States.Nicholas Biddle
I argued on behalf of the Cherokees in front of the Supreme Court.John Ross
I was Andrew Jackson's second VP. Martin Van Buren
I relaxed the voting qualifications for towards teh American public.John Quincy Adams
I wrote the abolitionist newspaper the Liberator.William Lloyd Garrison
I was a benefit of the spoils system, what informal group of advisers was I part of?Kitchen Cabinet
Can you identify who is talking Name % Correct
I toured the mental institutions of the country and found the treatment of the mentally ill to be despicableDorothea Dix
I lead the Seminoles in the a war against the United States.Chief Osceola
I tried to fix the public education system in Massachusetts.Horace Mann
I lead the Sauk and Fox in a rebellion against the United States.Chief Black Hawk
I was part of a team of women who wrote the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments.Elizabeth Cady Stanton
I was Roger Brook Taney, where did I put the money when I did not deposit federal funds into the national bank.Pet Banks
I advocated for the liberty of the states before the Union.Robert Y Hayne
I was a southern farmer, what was the name of the financial plan that the North instituted to protect their industry.Tariff of Abominations
I was a woman who lived in the years prior to any women's rights movement, what name was given to the fact that women were supposed to remain in the house.Cult of Domesticity
I was a religious lecturer during the Second Great Awakening.Charles Grandison Finney

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