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One Washington Warning from Farewell Address
Another Washington Warning from Farewell Address
Who said: 'Give me liberty or Give me death?'
What fraction represented the ratio that slaves were counted as towards representation in Congress?
What tax on printed paper goods was designed to help raise money for the British in the New World?
Who led the rebellion of Western Massachusetts farmers?
What treaty ended the American Revolution?
What compromise was created to check the power of the common people in presidential elections?
What name was given to the movement of Puritans to the New World?
What product was an excise tax placed on that encouraged an uprising by Western Pennsylvanians?
What name was given to the undeclared Naval War with France?
What document does the phrase '...life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' appear?
Who was upset with the Virginia governor's Native American policy?
What battle of the American Revolution was a turning point because it brought a potential French alliance to reality?
What political party was attacked by the Alien and Sedition Acts?
What was the Pilgrim written statement of laws called?
What political party was formed by Alexander Hamilton?
What political party was formed as an opposition to the ratification of the Constitution?
What event caused Americans to cry: 'Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute?'
What was the name of the European economic system in which a country tried to acquire colonies as a market to sell goods?
Who wrote Common Sense?
What ordinance divided the lands of the Northwest Territory into townships?
What plan for government set up a weak central government to rule over a group of loosely aligned states?
What practice forced sailors of one navy into the service of another?
What treaty granted most favored trade status to Britain?
What nickname was given to the last minute appointed judges by John Adams?
What was the name of the response by James Madison to the Alien and Sedition Acts?
Which acts punished Boston/Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party
What compromise was reached between the New Jersey and Virginia Plans?
The National Bank was unconstitutional because there was no specific mention of it in the Constitution was a view held by?

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