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I am the person who killed the Archduke Francis Ferdinand.
We are a group of Serbian nationalists.
I am made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.
I am made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey
I am made up of Great Britain, France, and Russia.
I am made up of Great Britain, France, and the United States
I wanted Germany to invade France first and Russia second
I wanted Mexico to ally with Germany.
I was sunk by German U-Boats.
I removed Russia from World War One.
I am a German submarine attack without warning.
I am Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace.
I am a document that punished Germany after World War One.
I am an organization that was supposed to keep peace after World War One.
I am lead Germany during World War One.
I am the British representative who wanted to punish Germany after World War One.
I was what was given to Serbia by Austria-Hungary.
I was the nickname for the support that Germany gave to Austria-Hungary after the assassination.
I am the promise of protection to all Slavic countries by Russia.
I am payment for war damages.
I am posters used to convince people to do something.
I am the practice of not choosing sides during a war.
I am when a country prepares for war.
I am when the entire country is involved in the war effort.
I am a cease-fire.
I am the country Germany marched through to get to France.
I am the leader of Russia prior to the Russian Revolution.
We are councils of workers and soldiers.
We are the working class.
We are another name for communists.
Who Am I?My Name
We supported the Czar during the Russian Civil War.
I was Stalin's attempt to get rid of disloyal members in the communist party.
I was Stalin's plan to industrialize the Soviet Union.
I am where political prisoners were exiled to.
I am the adviser to Czar Nicholas who was viewed as the 'Mad Monk.'
I am the Communist leader who promised 'Peace, bread and land.'
I am the agreement that was designed to prevent future wars.
I am the style of art practiced by Salvador Dali.
I am the style of art practiced by Pablo Picasso.
I was the weak democratic government in Germany prior to Hitler.
I was the political movement in Italy that glorified Rome and aggressive expansion.
I was the political movement embraced by Hitler.
I was the political movement that grabbed hold of Russia during the Russian Revolution.
I am the policy of giving into the demands of an aggressor.
I was a demilitarized zone taken from Germany.
I am considered a 'dress rehearsal' for World War 2.
I was the Fascist dictator of Spain.
I proclaimed: 'Peace in our Time.'
I am the piece of land given to Hitler at the Munich Conference.
I am Anschluss, the union of Germany and this country.
I am made up of Germany, Italy, and Japan
I am made up of the United States, Britain, France and the Soviet Union.
I was the agreement between Hitler and Stalin, primarily about Poland.
I am lighting war.
I am the strategy the United States used in the Pacific.
I am the Allied invasion of France.
I am the end of the war in the Pacific.
I am the Desert Fox.
I am the Allied commander who organized D-Day.
I am the British general who defeated Erwin Rommel.
Who Am I?My Name
I am the American general who promised to return to the Philippines.
I am the American president who decided to drop the bomb.
I am considered to be a turning point in the War in the Pacific.
I am the Japanese attack on Hawaii.
I am the period of no fighting between Communist and Democratic countries throughout the world.
I am Winston Churchill's metaphorical division of Europe.
I am the policy of keeping communism to where it already existed.
I am the package of money given to European countries to help them rebuild after World War 2.
I am the military alliance of democratic countries.
I am the military alliance of communist countries.
I am the name for Mao's attempt at improving agriculture in China.
I am Mao's movement to get rid of the Four Olds.
I am the part of Korea that is communist.
I am where Chinese Nationalists fled to.
I instituted democratic reforms in USSR.
I was invaded by the United States after 9-11.
I am the British document that supported the creation of an Israeli state.
I was put into power as a result of the Iranian Revolution.
I am the Holy City shared between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
I am the country that Iraq tried to take back during the Persian Gulf War.
I am the recently overthrown dictator of Egypt.
I am the now dead leader of Iraq.
I am the the social networking site used during the Arab Spring.
I am a Zionist who believe in a homeland for this religious group.
I am the president who wanted to stop the spread of communism into Greece and Turkey.
I am the leader of the Free French, while France was under German control.
I am the Japanese military leader during World War two.
I am where trench-warfare reached a stalemate.
I am the four causes of World War One.
I am where the students of China protested for democratic reforms.

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