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Can you name the Fake Quotes of World War 2?

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HintWorld War 2 Topic
'Come test your weapons during my Spanish Civil War.' (person's name)
'Let's make this atomic bomb.' (group of scientists)
'We don't feel like stopping your aggression.' (international organization)
'We have to get our troops out of harms way.' (evacuation)
'I am so sick and tired of being bombed. It's been going on for like 57 nights.' (event)
'Let's invade the Soviet Union.' (operation)
'Until we are directly impacted, we will be staying out of the war.' (neutral country early in war)
'Let's get this war started.' (country invaded in 1939)
'We have finally achieved some success in North Africa.' (battle)
'We need to defend our leader's city to the last man.' (battle)
'Let's discuss this atomic bomb' (conference)
'France must be back in Allied control.' (invasion)
HintWorld War 2 Topic
'The tide is turning in the Pacific.' (battle)
'I relish being called the 'Desert Fox'.' (German general)
'It's my good buds; Stalin and Roosevelt.' (Third member of big three)
'Now we must retaliate for this surprise attack on our base.' (event)
'We have to reorganize Europe after World War 2.' (conference)
'I left the Philiippines, but I will be back.' (person's name)
' We can't believe that people think Japan had the most deaths, our country far surpassed them.' (country)
'These cities marked the end of the war.' (event)
'Here Hitler, you can have the Sudetenland.' (policy)
'Let's go from island to island.' (Pacific Theater Strategy)
'I've got this piece of paper in which Hitler promises to take over no more land.' (British Prime Minister)

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