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Can you name the People of the Age of Exploration ?

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I am most famously associated for circumnavigating the world.
I am person who has a Native parent and a Spanish parent.
I sailed for the country of Spain, although I was Italian, and landed on an island in the Caribbean Sea.
I am a Portuguese navigation who founded a school of navigation.
I was the first European explorer to travel around the Cape of Good Hope.
I was responsible for dividing up the globe between the countries of Spain and Portugal with the Treaty of Tordesillas.
I conquered the Aztec empire.
I conquered the Incan empire.
I was forced to work because of encomiendas.
I sailed around the southern tip of Africa to reach India.
I was a person who made maps.
I am a person of both African descent and European descent.
I ruled in place of the king in Spanish provinces.
I led the Aztec Empire.
I led the Inca Empire.
I travelled along the Middle Passage.
I brought religion from one place to another.
I am a person who believed that you need to have a favorable balance of trade to achieve wealth.
I pooled my money together with a group of friend and formed a _______.
I was a sailor aboard a new ship with triangle sails called the __________.
I was the Spanish Monarch who was said to have worn 'Two Hats' because I ruled both the Holy Roman Empire and Spain.
We were the Spanish Monarchs who unified Spain and hoped to rid our country of Muslims and Jews.
I was the Spanish Monarch who was known as the 'Paperwork King' and was in power when the Spanish Armada was defeated.

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