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Can you name the Causes of American Revolution?

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Event that had an African-American martyr
Caused the Intolerable Acts to be passed
All legal documents had to be printed on special paper
Economic theory that proposed the acquisition of colonies
Was developed after the costs of Pontiac's Rebellion
Where was 'The Shot Heard Round the World' fired
Where the British marched to capture Samuel Adams and John Hancock
Samuel Adams led this group
The Tea Act granted a monopoly to this company
Rallying cry of the colonists against British economical oppression
After repealing the Stamp Act, the British issued
This Act forced colonists to house British soldiers in their homes
This Act placed a tax on household items such as lead, paper, and glass
These laws stated that colonial goods should only be transported on British ships
Documents that allowed the British to search a house if illegal goods were suspected of being their
In protest of the Stamp Act, many colonists burned tax collector in ______
The Declaration and Resolves were developed by _______
Finish the following quote: 'If this be __________ let's make the most of it.'
Finish the following quote: 'The _______ are coming.'
Prime Minister of Great Britain who levied taxes on colonies
Increased communication between the colonies through letter writing
Under mercantilism when you export more than you import
The British policy of relaxing some of their control over the colonies
Closed the Port of Boston
Expanded the Boundaries of a Canadian Country

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