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According to a compromise reached in 1820 I was added to the United States as a Slave State?
In order to somewhat restore sectional balance, I was added a free a state according to an 1820 compromise.
These two territories were proposed by Stephen Douglas because of his desire for a transcontiental railroad.
According to an 1850 compromise, I was added to the United States as a free state.
A New York Representative, James Tallmadge, proposed that no new slaves should be introduced into these area.
The Wilmot Proviso stated that slavery would never enter the lands acquired from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, also known as what?
John C. Calhoun was a major states' rights proponent and hailed from the first state to secede.
According to an 1850 compromise, what two new territories entered the United States with the issue of slavery being left up to popular sovereignty?
John Brown killed Pro-Slavery activists at what creek?
John Brown raided this federal arsenal hoping to launch a slave revolt?
This state hanged John Brown because of the treason he committed against the state.
The Lincoln and Douglas debates took place in what state?
After fighting its war for independence what then republic, now state was added into the Union after its potential annexation caused controversy?
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The Ostend Manifesto proposed the acquistion of what island?
Harriet Tubman led slaves along what route?
What was the slave capital of Kansas?
What was the free capital of Kansas?
From where did the Border Ruffians come from?
According to an 1850 compromise what area banned the slave trade?
According to the Fugitive Slave Law, if a runaway slave was found in the ___________, it had to be returned to its master in the _____________.
Dred Scott sued for his freedom based on the fact that he was a brought into a ________ territory.
Chief Justice Roger Taney declared that a line dividing free and state was unconsitutional, what was this line?
The Democratic Party split for the election of 1860 with Breckinridge running for the _____ Democrats and Stephen Douglas running for the _______ Democrats.
Prior to the Whig Party disappearing, they divided into two factions: The Conscience Whigs (representing more of a _______ viewpoint) and the Cotton Whigs (representing more of a _
As a reult of his Crime against _______ speech, which criticized the South and Andrew Butler, Charles Sumner was beat by Preston ______.

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