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Can you name the entities associated with the American Revolution?

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About American RevolutinAnswer
What battle was viewed as a turning point because it brought the French into the American Revolutoin?
Who wrote Common Sense?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
What are your inalieanable rights?
What famous spy was hanged by the British?
What battle is associated with Christmas?
What geographic region is where most of the battles towards the end of the American Revolution were fought?
What general did some consider to replace George Washington as head of the Continental Army?
What name was given to the last minute document in which the colonists swore allegiance to the King and blamed their problems on Parliament?
Where was the well-known Continental Army's Pennsylvanian winter encampment located?
About American RevolutinAnswer
Who created the natural rights?
Who was the French soldier who helped lead alongside George Washington, earning him a special place in the quest for American Independence?
What Continental general switched allegiances to the British during the American Revolution?
What was the last battle of the American Revolution?
What was the name of the German mercenaries forces hired by the British during the American Revolution?
Who had the advantage of a well-trained army during the American Revolution?
What treaty ended the American Revolution?
According to the treaty, Britain had to recognize American as an ____________ nation.
Who was the British general who surrendered at end of the war?
'Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes' was uttered at what battle?

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