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What was the name of Roger Sherman's compromised between the NJ Plan and the VA Plan?
What did the Anti-Federalists want added to the Constitution prior to its ratification?
The division between what powers the federal government has and what powers the state governments have is called ____
These powers were granted to the federal government under the Constitution?
These powers were granted to the state goverenments under teh Constitution
These powers are shared by both state governments and the federal government
What safeguard did the Founding Fathers put into the presidential election to make sure that the 'masses' were not making the decision?
Which house of Congress is supposed to be more responsive to the people?
Which amendment protects the freedom of speech?
A police officer must obtain a warrant prior to searching your house in order to protect against _________
Who was known as the 'Father of the Constitution?'
What group of people supported a strong national government during the ratification process?
Because the Founding Fathers realized they did not know everything they added what clause?
During what convention did some states realize the Aritcles of Confederation needed to be scrapped?
In what type of government do the people directly elect their official?
In what type of government do the people elect representatives to make decisions?

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