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Book and chapter numberChapter nameInfo
Book 5, Chapter 4The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at...
Book 3, Chapter 13Harry vs Cho
Book 7, Chapter 22Harry triggers the Taboo
Book 5, Chapter 25Ten Death Eaters escape from Azkaban
Book 7, Chapter 13Harry, Ron, and Hermione help a group of Muggle-Borns escape from the Ministry of Magic
Book 7, Chapter 8Bill and Fleur get married
Book 6, Chapter 25The Vanishing Cabinet gets fixed
Book 3, Chapter 3Harry sees his godfather for the first time
Book 2, Chapter 15Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?
Book 2, Chapter 11Expelliarmus!
Book 1, Chapter 8Snape, Snape, Severus Snape
Book 6, Chapter 27Snape kills Dumbledore
Book 2, Chapter 12Hermione becomes a half-cat-half-human
Book 4, Chapter 21Harry, Ron, and Hermione enter the Hogwarts kitchens
Book 5, Chapter 8Harry gets cleared of all charges
Book 6, Chapter 18Ron falls in love with Romilda Vane
Book and chapter numberChapter nameInfo
Book 7, Chapter 18Harry reads Dumbledore's letter to Grindelwald
Book 7, Chapter 29Luna takes Harry to the Ravenclaw common room
Book 7, Chapter 15Ron leaves Harry and Hermione
Book 5, Chapter 27Firenze starts teaching Divination
Book 5, Chapter 17Umbridge bans every student organization, society, team, group, or club
Book 3, Chapter 2The Dursleys have company for dinner
Book 4, Chapter 9It's burned into their left arm
Book 7, Chapter 4Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fleur, Mundungus, Fred, George
Book 4, Chapter 30Harry sees into the past
Book 1, Chapter 2Harry lets a snake loose from the zoo
Book 1, Chapter 7The first years get sorted into their Houses
Book 6, Chapter 24Harry uses this piece of Dark Magic on Malfoy
Book 5, Chapter 36Harry tries to use the Cruciatus Curse on Bellatrix
Book 4, Chapter 28Harry takes a walk with Viktor Krum
Book 2, Chapter 2Harry meets a house elf
Book 3, Chapter 6Broaden your minds

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