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Forced Order
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Question Trivia
Who is the Glee Club teacher before Mr. Schuester takes over in the pilot episode?
Who gets him fired?
What song does Mercedes audition with?
What song does Kurt audition with?
What song does Tina audition with?
What song does Rachel audition with?
What is the first song the New Directions sings as a group in the choir room in the Pilot?
After Finn first joins the New Directions what song does the group sing with him and Rachel leading?
In Showmance the New Directions performs what song for the first time in front of the school?
What three students join the New Directions near the end of Showmance?
Will forms what band in the third episode with Ken Tanaka, Henri St. Pierre, and Howard Bamboo?
While Will is working with his band the New Directions hires this Vocal Adrenaline choreographer?
What celebrity comes to Lima and attends one of the bands performances but only to give out a restraining order against Sandy?
In Preggers what is the opening song that Kurt, Tina, and Brittany are choreographing to?
These three students join the New Directions at the end of Preggers? (Being called in order by Mr. Schuester)
Will brings back this McKinley High drop out and former glee star?
Who throws up on Emma after April gets him drunk?
Question Trivia
Who becomes the new school nurse in Vitamin D?
Who trips the old school nurse down the stairs?
What is the name of the high school reporter and gossip blogger?
In Throwdown the glee club dedicates this song to Quinn after Sue finds out she is pregnant?
In Mashup Will assigns this rap song to be mashed up with another song chosen by the students?
Puck sings this song for the mashup in order to impress Rachel?
In Wheels Kurt and Rachel compete for a solo and sing this popular musical number?
What song does the glee club sing in wheel chairs for Artie?
Rachel and Will duet with a ballad and she falls in love with him while they sing what?
At the end of Ballad the glee club dedicates this song to Finn and Quinn during difficult times during the pregnancy?
What Madonna song does Quinn sing to the triplets while she and Puck babysit?
In Hairography who leaks the setlist to the other competing glee clubs?
What is the name of the McKinley High yearbook?
In Mattress what song does the New Directions perform with in their commercial?
Who was the first to reveal to the glee club that Puck was the father of Quinn's baby?
In Sectionals the mid season finale which two characters finally share their first kiss?
What is the last song performed in Sectionals?

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