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Can you name the ADAM LAMBERT TRIVIA?

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Can you answer the Adam Lambert Trivia?
Where was Adam born?
What is his nickname for Tommy Joe Ratliff?
What song was he nominated for a Grammy for?
What was his first album called?
What band was he in with Monte Pittman?
Who was his first concert?
What is his middle name?
What's him mom's name?
Can you answer the Adam Lambert Trivia?
What's his dad's name?
What's his brother's name?
On what award show did he get criticized for his risque performance?
What one of the Idol judges wrote 'No Boundaries?'
What show did he perform on, before Idol?
On what week of Idol season 9 did he mentor on?
What song did he sing on Idol on Year You Were Born songs?
What Labyrinth star inspires Adam?

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