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Can you name the facts about Minnesota?

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When was Minnesota admitted to the Union?
Postal Abbreviation?
Time Zone?
Largest City?
U.S. Population Rank?
U.S. Land Area Rank?
Density Rank?
Median Income Rank?
State Capital?
Primary Ancestories?
Second Largest City?
State Sport?
State Tree?
State Muffin?
State Fish?
State Grain?
State Bird?
State Flower?
MLB Team?
NFL Team?
NBA Team?
NHL Team?
Former NHL Team?
Number of 1980 Olympic Hockey Team Members from Minnesota?
Largely Democratic or Republican?
Number of Congressional Districts?
Major University?
Statewide Smoking Ban?
Life-Expectancy Rank?
Overall Health Rank?
Famous Folk Rocker from Minnesota?
Famous Pop Star from Minnesota?
Famous Minnesota Author?
Major Religion?
Popular Outdoor Activities?
Former Famous Governer of Minnesota?
Major Movies Based or Filmed in Minnesota?
Bordered by how many U.S. States?
Famous Stereotypical Minnesota Sayings?
Name of Largest North American Mall in Minnesota?
Famous Paper-Attaching Invention from Minnesota?
Popular Children's Toys 'Tonka Trucks' are made where?
Abbreviation of Major Minnesota Aiport?
Fourth Largest City?
Fifth Largest City?
Third Largest City?
Nationally Popular Country Music Festival in MN?
Former NBA Team?
Coldest Average Month in MN?
Unofficial State Bird/Flying Pest?
Country bordering MN to the North?
Bordered By Which Great Lake?

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