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An ideal condition of rest, harmony or bliss
Yellow starchy vegetable
Prehistoric large mammal resembling an elephant
Type of metal used in pencils+Football-shaped flying device
An intimate gesture between lovers
16th US President+Popular outdoor play area for children
Extremely large end of life
Smooth, lustrous round object found in oysters+Fruit spread
Object used for fixing things
English district of Jack The Ripper's murders
Employment for a horse-riding rancher
To be unsettled
Rope tied for its ability to slide or adjust
The sum of 133 and 178
Elevated by joy, elate
A serious bacterial infection
Surrounded by fire
Noisy vegetable and flower patch
Correct selection on a test
3/4 of a foot+Sharp construction hardware
Far below a surface+Color between Red and Blue
Someone who kills
A mass departure
The dark prince clothes himself in a high-fashion brand
Arguers of egg foo yung minus the egg and yung
Living dead with the color of milk
'Wonderland' character bound by metal links
Medieval instrument of torture
Holy Sunday with an absence of color
Stinging desert anthropods
Arc of colored light in the sky
The color of grass+Opposite of night
Most popular surname in USA
Anger opposing the mechanical device
Large predatory birds protected in the US
Music playing device atop shoulders
Sandy oceanfront males
Sky-colored shellfish minority group
Roundish insects
A blemish-free 360 degree shape
Sheep of the almighty
The vice/habit of John Doe's Wife
Slim, young dogs
Almost half-a-weeks forgiveness
Female royalty of the cavemen era
Slap of the Lord
A hope in the dark
Kids not on top
Spirit soaring through air
The not on season after winter
Friction-based electricity+3rd to last letter of alphabet
A decade
Destroying Mr. Franklin's first name
To become active in opposition or resistance
Sitting on one's knees+Not old

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