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I missed 3 Fundamental Forces, 2 Tarot Card suits, 1 Marx Brother, 1 Monkee, 1 Section of an Orchestra, 1 State of Matter and a partridge in a pear tree.Bouchkilele
Now everyone go follow Sporcle!SafetyBear
Funny, I was always taught not to throw rocks. I guess that's WAY different from stones.ShepherdBook
surprised 'eat' and 'food' werent on the list. I always think about food.danzam
i knew most of it 8 years ago, to be a kid again :sigh:DJR53
The first quiz in the history of the world that I ever have or ever will be able to finish in zero seconds.JohnJF
I got the first 27 pretty quickly... then it took me about 3 minutes of meditation and visualization with my eyes closed to get Pacific Avenue.isaac
Why is gut not included? It's (a) an accepted medical term and (b) not remotely rude.Robert
As I'm not American and haven't got a clue about American sports, I had fun naming different animals :DRackie
Walked right into that one. Only saved by the fact that youtube is blocked here (but luckily not sporcle).jkd
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If you're finding this hard going, Tom Lehrer will tell you the first hundred and two, which leaves you thirteen minutes to get the last sixteen. [YouTube link]davidr
Really? Philly is all you need for Philadelphia? I demand Detroit be shortened to D-Town. magister
I've always liked the name Grubbly-Plank when reading these books.diamondsight
brought me back to my days of taking flying lessons - fun. Couldn't remember Quebec for the life of me!jessbowen
Great quiz. I was hoping my namesake's show would be on the list, but it came up four months short. Tim_Allen
I got 17, but only because my son reminded me how to spell WoolfLaStic
I would have gotten them all if I'd thought to list frosted ones separately ...startrekempress
'It was just their time' did not come up. I think this sporcle is broken. Mr_Negative
I guess the whole one child per family thing must be seriously slowing growth rates.Cuthbert_Twilley
Some advice: Don't think too hard about that last answer.Gjarble

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