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Starlord and Kingpin save a small town
Jor-El and Batman have to catch a train
Two Face and Deadshot fight aliens
Lucius Fox and The Joker have cancer
Batman defeats Kingpin
Green Lantern and Obadiah Stane police the undead
The Abomination and Nick Fury have a confrontation at a Diner
Heimdal loses his mind in space
Starlord and Kingpin deal with dinosaurs
Commissioner Gordon and Kilgrave in a magical land
Michael Sullivan and Sebastian Shaw go to space
William Stryker helps stop Odin from detonating a bomb
Blade and Judge Dredd are cryogenically frozen
Rocket Racoon and Mystique practice for a dance competition
Mr. Freeze and the Penguin are brothers
Deadpool dates the Invisible Woman
The Hulk gets Lex Luthor to rob Alfred
Constantine and Perry White battle the machines

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