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What HappensStory Arc
The Avengers, the X-men, most of the Fantastic Four, Spider-man, and the Hulk fight evil on Battleworld.
Jean Grey's clone plots to kill her son in order to brings demonic forces to earth.
Spider-man fights the hyper aging children of his former love Gwen Stacey.
Eli Bard revives millions of dead mutants so that Seline can absorb their souls and become a god.
Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) creates a world where mutants rule later she depowers most of the world's mutants.
Superhuman community is divided over Super Hero Registration Act.
Thanos obtains ultimate power and kills half of the universe to appease his mistress Death.
Earth's Mightiest Heroes face off against The Children of The Atom.
The Jackal and the Green Goblin conspire to make Spider-man doubt who he is.
Skrull sleeper agents infiltrate the earth's superhero community and cause chaos.
What HappensStory Arc
Garbriel the secret third Summers brother becomes the ruler of an alien kingdom.
The Hulk returns to earth to exact revenge on the Illuminati.
Dr.Doom lays siege to Wakanda in order to access its Vibranium.
Magneto causes a global blackout and rips out Wolverine's Adamantium skeleton.
Norman Osborn uses his new authority to hunt down Superheroes.
The Kingpin finds out Daredevil's secret identity after Matt Murdock's ex sells the info for drug money.
Captain America's former sidekick is revealed to have not died in WW2 and is currently a brainwashed Soviet assassin.
Iron Man must fight his hijacked armors.
The Fantastic Four clash with Dr.Doom's teacher.
Jean Grey becomes the host for a cosmic fire bird.

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