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Can you name the Strange town-names in the UK?

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Indoor place for primates 
Puts some intelligence in a forest 
You can get it when you put your sausage in the chocolate-dip 
When you love ashes and coal, you would like to move to this town 
An AA-town hidden in Yorkshire Dales national park 
Just another synonyme of toilet 
When you have this, you live with the hands in your face 
Literally a boring town 
Maybe you're happy that you will never hear a sound coming from his/hers again. 
Sounds like a stinking prostitute 
Dutch people live with water 
A town for the noisy sleepers 
One of the longest town-names in the world because of the obscure spelling of it you also can type the last 8 letters! 
Not the silent water 
I'm sorry for this town 
The back of a male sheep 
The value of precipitation 
A town for the people who like papers and books, never saying 'tl;dr' 
Warning: you might stick a long time in this village 
Another town name to shout about 

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