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QUIZ: Can you name the treatments (and patho) for hyperlipidemia?

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Which protein is present on all particles that contribute to atherosclerotic plaque formation?
What is one main function of cholesterol in the body?
What is the NCEP goal for HDL in a female patient with hyperlipidemia?
What is the most common side-effect associated with Niacin?
What are patients with TG levels of greater than 500mg/dL at risk for?
According to NCEP guidelines, what is the goal LDL for a patient with diabetes and uncontrolled HTN?
Where does HDL deposit cholesterol? (tissue or liver)
How high must a patient's 10 year risk for CHD be, before it is considered a CHD equivalent?
Name the supporting study: Jack and Jill have different (high) baseline TC values. Both will benefit equally from LDL lowering therapy.
What is the only HMG CoA reductase inhibitor that is not metabolized via the CYP450 system?
Other than ezetimibe, which class of antihyperlipidemic agents does not act systemically?
Name the supporting study: Bob's current LDL is 95mg/dL. He developed chest pains which persisted for 2 weeks. He would benefit from lowering his LDL below 70mg/dL.
Which study showed that statins can reduce the size of an atherosclerotic plaque?
What two life-threatening situations are we trying to prevent in treating hyperlipidemia?
What trial's results called into question the efficacy of ezetimibe at reducing MI and stroke?
What is the NCEP goal for triglycerides in a patient with hyperlipidemia?
What OTC product has shown to decrease TGs the most?
Dr. Smith suspects that his patient, GG, has rhabdomyolysis. GG complains of leg muscle pain and is on Zocor; what enzyme should be measured to confirm?
Where does LDL deposit cholesterol? (tissue or liver)
Name the supporting study: Jane was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Her cardiologist intensified her hyperlipidemia treatment to get her LDL below 70mg/dL.
Concomitant therapy with which class of agents will most greatly increase the risk of myalgias when given with statins?
Which class of antihyperlipidemic agents can cause the liver to use up its stored cholesterol?
What are Macrophages that have absorbed LDL from the tissue called?
Which antihyperlipidemic agent acts by preventing absorption of cholesterol in the gut?
A statin with a shorter half-life should be dosed ______ to improve efficacy.
What was the first prospective study of cardiovascular disease?
What is the NCEP goal for total cholesterol in a patient with hyperlipidemia?
According to NCEP guidelines, what is the primary target (lab value) in treating hyperlipidemia?
Monotherapy with which HMG CoA reductase inhibitor will give the most decrease in LDL?
What form of Niacin is effective in the treatment of hyperlipidemia?

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