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QUIZ: Can you name the treatments and guidelines for treating hypertension?

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_______ acts by blocking the Na/K pump channel in the collecting duct. (Drug)
Which hormone do the RAAS inhibitors attempt to decrease the activity of?
_______ acts by blocking the action of ________, reducing the expression of Na/K pumps on cells in the collecting duct. (Drug, Hormone)
What is the JNC 7 BP goal for patients with diabetes or CKD?
Which classes of antihypertensives decrease the risk of having additional heart attacks after your first MI?
What is the JNC 7 BP goal for patients with uncomplicated HTN?
Which trial supports the following statement: Murray is a 78 year old male with HTN. The benefits of treating the HTN will outweigh the risks of an ADR during treatment.
What antihypertensive is becoming preferred over Methyldopa to treat HTN in pregnant women?
What is an example of TOD in a hypertensive emergency?
Drugs like propranolol are contraindicated in patients with what disease state?
An increase in 10 mmHg in blood pressure corresponds to a ____% increase in risk of having a stroke in a patient with HTN.
Beta-1 selective agents are selective for receptors in the tissue of which organ?
This class of antidepressant/antiparkinsonian medication can raise BP.
While working at BMC, you receive an order from the SICU for Captopril 25mg q2h prn. In what disease state is this order appropriate?
Which trial supports the following statement: Adding Candesartan to an antihypertensive regimen that includes Lisinopril will have no additional benefit in preventing CV events.
Dry cough and hyperkalemia are potential side effects of ACE inhibitors. What is another, rarer and potentially more life-threatening side effect associated with ACE inhibitors?
What is the AHA BP goal for patients with left ventricular dysfunction due to heart failure?
_____ diuretics act by blocking NaCl reabsorption in the DCT. (Class)
Which class of (indicated) antihypertensives is associated with a risk of causing acute exacerbation of heart failure?
Name a controllable risk factor for developing HTN.
How much weight would you have to lose to decrease your systolic blood pressure by 5-10 mmHg?
These OTC drugs used to treat rhinitis can raise BP.
These OTC drugs used to treat pain can raise BP.
What first-line agents for the treatment of HTN dilate peripheral arterioles through relaxation of the smooth muscle? (Class)
Which antihypertensives can also improve the symptoms of BPH? (Class)
What is a side effect shared by Ramipril, Olmesartan, and Spironolactone other than hypotension?
_____ diuretics act by blocking Na, Cl and K reabsorption, and cause the most fluid loss of all diuretics. (Class)
Which trial supports the following statement: A patient on HCTZ for treatment of HTN can be switched to Amlodipine with equal risk reduction for CV events.
Which classes of antihypertensives are indicated as first-line treatment in patients with Diabetes or CKD?
Name an uncontrollable risk factor for developing hypertension.

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