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Can you name the treatments and patho questions relating to DVT/PE?

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What are venous thrombi mostly composed of? (2 things)
What molecule cross-links platelets after they have been activated?
What CYP enzyme is primarily responsible for metabolizing S-warfarin?
Which factor of Virchow's triad would CHF contribute to?
Name a macrolide antibiotic that would NOT increase the effect of warfarin.
How many units of heparin would 4.5mg of protamine neutralize?
Which clotting factor initiates the intrinsic pathway, after exposure to collagen?
What environmental change initiates platelet adhesion in the collagen pathway?
How many times more potent is S-warfarin than R-warfarin?
Name a drug that mimics tissue plasminogen activator, used in the treatment of pulmonary embolism.
Name a synthetic factor Xa inhibitor used to prevent DVT.
What arterial thrombi mostly composed of?
How soon from the start of therapy would you expect to see skin necrosis as a side effect of warfarin?
Name the preferred DTI to use in a patient with HIT, ESRD, and cirrhosis.
Increased metabolism of ______ ______ would result in a decrease in warfarin dose in a patient who becomes hyperthyroid.
Which tissue protein allows factor VII to initiate the extrinsic pathway?
Which clotting factors require activation in the liver by vitamin K? (name in ascending numerical order)
Name a coagulation inhibitor produced naturally by the human body.
What is the parent compound of direct thrombin inhibitors?
What is the half-life of Heparin?

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