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Can you name the answers to the questions relating to the treatment of diabetes?

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Which classes of medications would be less effective in patients with higher levels of free fatty acids in their body?
Which side effect of Actos would be of particular concern in a 75 year old female patient?
Which enzyme is responsible for breaking down glucagon-like peptide 1?
Name a common adverse effect associated with the use of meglitinides.
What is the recommended non-pharmacological therapy for decreasing insulin resistance in patients with type 2 DM?
What adverse effect can result if metformin is not adequately cleared by the kidneys?
What is the serum creatinine cutoff for treatment with a drug like Precose?
Name a medication that would be contraindicated in a patient with Crohn's disease.
What drug (other than metformin) can TZDs be found in combination with?
How many minutes of physical activity is recommended to reduce the risk of developing type 2 DM per ADA recommendation?
What medication is associated with the development and worsening of CHF?
Name a medication that increases insulin secretion by binding to sulfonylurea receptors on the pancreas.
Name a medication that would exert its mechanism of action if you were to eat a complex carbohydrate such as a pretzel.
Name a medication that directly reduces insulin resistance by activation of PPAR-gamma.
Which sulfonylurea is associated with the greatest risk of hypoglycemia in patients with renal impairment?
Which medication lowers fasting blood glucose by decreasing glucose release from the liver?
Name an oral medication that would affect the breakdown of GLP-1.
Name a drug that was derived from a protein (exendin-4) found in Gila monster venom.
What adverse effect would be concerning in a patient being treated with Byetta, with a triglyceride level of 600?
Name a medication that suppresses post-prandial glucagon secretion, increases satiety, and is a synthetic analog of a hormone that is co-secreted with insulin.

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