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Can you name the parameters and treatments for chronic kidney disease?

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Goal for calcium-phosphate product
Name an aluminum-based phosphate binder
Name a drug that acts by stimulating differentiation of erythroid progenitor cells
What is the target parameter for transferrin saturation in CKD patients?
What is the target level of serum ferritin (ng/mL) in hemodialysis patients?
Recommend an appropriate agent to treat elevated PTH in a patient with Stage 3 CKD who has a CaPO4 product of 49 and a serum vitamin D level of 32ng/mL
What serum Vitamin D level (ng/mL) is associated with severe Vitamin D defeciency?
Name a non calcium-based, non-chewable phosphate binder
GFR for stage 1 CKD
Name a class of antibiotic that interacts with oral iron therapy
GFR for stage 2 CKD
What serum Vitamin D level (ng/mL) is associated with mild Vitamin D defeciency?
Name a magnesium-based phosphate binder
What is the target level of serum ferritin (ng/mL) in stage 4 CKD patients?
Goal PTH level for stage 5 (pg/mL)
What is the target daily intake in miligrams of elemental iron in patients receiving oral iron therapy?
GFR for stage 3 CKD
What unit is Darbepoietin dosed in?
Name an acid-independent calcium-based phosphate binder
Which vitamin is the kidney responsible for converting to its active form?
What serum Vitamin D level (ng/mL) is associated with Vitamin D insuffeciency?
What level of Hb (g/dL) is acceptable in managing anemia in CKD patient?
Number of months with kidney damage required for diagnosis of CKD
How often can Aranesp dosing be changed?
GFR for stage 4 CKD
Goal PTH level for stage 3 (pg/mL)
Goal PTH level for stage 4 (pg/mL)
Name an acid-dependent calcium-based phosphate binder
Hormones produced by kidney
GFR for stage 5 CKD (ESRD)
Name a chewable, non calcium-based phosphate binder
What is the starting dose of Cinacalcet?
Pharmacological treatment for patient experiencing >2 episodes of microalbuminuria or >1 episode of albuminuria
What is the IM dose of Ergocalciferol used for severe Vitamin D deficiency?

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