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Which penicillin has the best coverage for Pseudomonas?
What side effect of fluoroquinolones would a pharmacist covering the cardiac ICU be most concerned about?
Which cephalosporin has the best coverage against SPACE bugs?
What organism is responsible for cat scratch disease?
Which cephalosporin has the best coverage for Pseudomonas?
Name the 'azole' drug used to treat aspergillosis.
Which fluoroquinolone has the best coverage for Pseudomonas?
What is the extrachromosomal DNA that can be transferred between bacteria called?
What is the first line treatment for bacterial tick-borne diseases?
At what temperature (F) does a fever become a significant symptom of infection?
Name a class of antibiotics that is category D for pregnancy.
Which class of antibiotics are enterococci intrinsically resistant to?
Which pathogen grows favorably in highly acidic environments?
What is the drug of choice for treating a patient infected with Nocardia?
Which carbapenem is not active against Pseudomonas?
Name a drug that is only active against anaerobic bacteria.
What color will gram positive bacteria stain in a gram stain test?
What molecule does amphotericin B bind to, resulting in fungicidal activity?
Name an organism found to cause GI infections mainly in areas without clean water.
Name an antibiotic that can change the color of your bodily secretions.
Which aminoglycoside has the best coverage for Pseudomonas?
Name a gram positive aerobic coccus.
Which organism are most natural anitbiotics derived from, including vancomycin, streptomycin, and cefoxitin?
Which class of antibiotics acts by inhibiting bacterial DNA gyrase?
Which antibiotic has the highest incidence of allowing Clostridium difficile to become virulent?
What drug is considered to be the drug of choice for vancomycin-resistant enterococcal infections?
Which antibiotic is well-known for inducing many CYP450 isoenzymes?
Name a cephalosporin with MRSA coverage.
What color will gram negative bacteria stain in a gram stain test?
What is the antibiotic class of choice for treating extended spectrum beta lactamase-producing bacteria?

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