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What is the name of the coven that imprisoned Kai?
Who are the 3 main characters of the show?
What is the name of Stefan and Damon's mother?
Who is the vampire who turned Stefan and Damon?
Who gets bit by a werewolf trying to protect Damon
What is the herb that prevents compulsion and is harmful to vampires?
Who is the oldest Original Vampire?
What is the name of the witch Esther asked to help with the immortality spell?
At the beginning of season 6, where are Bonnie and Damon trapped?
Why was Lily trapped in a prison world?
How many different supernatural creatures are on the show up until season 7?
What season does Caroline turn her emotions off?
Who does Katherine passenger herself inside of?
What caused Sheriff Forbes' death?
What is the name of the organization at Whitmore College that experimented on vampires?
What is the name of Caroline and Elena's roommate at Whitmore?
Who's mother does Klaus kill in the episode 'O Come, All Ye Faithful'
What is the name of Elena and Jeremy's guardian in the pilot episode
Who is the history teacher at Mystic Falls High School?
Can a werewolf bite kill a vampire?
Who is the werewolf sacrificed to make Klaus a hybrid?
What happens when a vampire doesn't feed?
Where does Bonnie put her magic in season 6?
What is the device called that is used to escape a prison world?
What are the creatures that are half vampire/half witch called?
Who wins Miss Mystic Falls in Season 1?
Where does Damon take Elena when she shuts her humanity off?
What is the bond between Damon and Elena when she is first turned into a vampire?
Who is the witch that helps break The Sun and the Moon Curse?
Who does Alaric fall in love with in season 6?
Who kills Kai?
How do the Gemini find a new leader?
The magic well is above the tomb trapping who?
Who is the woman Silas betrayed
Who is the original Petrova Doppleganger?
Who is the first person Elena killed?
Who found Stefan in the safe?
Who is the first Original Vampire to die?
What is the only thing that can kill an Original?
Who finally kills Katherine?

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