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Can you name the Words ending In 'ist' for every letter of the alphabet?

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DefinitionWordLetter of the Alphabet
One who is on the quest to transmute minerals into goldA
A catalogue of suspicious or banned personsB
One who unquestioningly follows trendsC
Doctor of the mouthD
One who believe that all knowledge is derived from sensory experienceE
One who has made is to the last roundF
The general idea or main point of somethingG
Got to be funny to be considered thisH
A type of magician; a film with Edward NortonI
Superman's secret identity. Searches for good storiesJ
This guy finds the Soviet Union very interestingK
Even if you agree with these guys, you know they aren't rightL
Would not associate with a Luddite. M
DefinitionWordLetter of the Alphabet
Clothes, what are they good for?N
One of these people would not give you a helpful clue like thisO
Damn hippy!P
Almost the answer to 'F'Q
Different strokes for different folksR
To avoid being considered a 'pseudo' one of these, one must use a related methodS
Nice Hawaiian shirt you've got there!T
One who plays a certain instrument. Similar to a guitar, don't fretV
Yours is expandingW
One who plays the glockenspielX
Kenny Strasser! Someone who plays with a certain popular childrens toyY
Supporter of the foundation and maintenance of a Jewish stateZ

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