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One-sided alpha level with a critical value of 1.96
First success on a given trial
Number of successes in a set number of trials
What is an author of our AP stat book?
What is the color of our AP stat book?
What is the probability of flipping a heads
A confidence interval containing zero suggests
A p value of .012345678910 at the alpha level of .01
What test is used when the SD of the population is unknown
Test used to compare proportions
If respondents answer questions in the way they think the questioner wants them to answer
Percentage explained by 1 standard deviation away from the mean on either side
Standardized score
Occurs in statistical surveys if the answers of respondents differ from the potential answers of those who did not answer
Degrees of freedom
A B C or D
Amount of variability of the data explained by the regression line
Bell curve
Becomes more normal as the degrees of freedom increase
x=1, the mean is 2, the SD is 3. What is the z score
The SD is only effected by what transformation of the data
For a Chi squared test what must the expected values be greater than
probability of rolling a 2 and a 3 on two seperate number games
What is the proportion of students are on sporcle during class when we have the laptops
Chi squared test use these
Inverse Normal gives you what
For a confidence interval, if the range is doubled, how many times larger would the population need to be
Degrees of freedom for a regression test
correlation coefficient
1.5(IQR)+Q3, 1.5(IQR)-Q1
What does a z-score do
Shows the deviation from the linear regression line
Unimodal,symmetric distrobutions
Failure to represent the entire population
Explanitory variable is the y variable or x
Casual name for the least squares regression line
A data point that stands away from the rest of the data set
Data points whose x values are far from the mean exert...
If omitting a point from the data results in a very different regression model
A variable that is not explicitly part of a model but affects the way the variables in the model appear

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