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HintName (& Surname)
Nicknamed 'Wheelchair Kid'
Always wants the lead, falls in love with Finn, but has a romance with Puckerman
THe Chinese girl in Glee
The head cheerleader, and Finn's original girlfriend
The main male role in Glee, Rachel falls in love with hm and his talents
Kurt's loving father
The 'Gay' in the Glee group
'I aint no Kelly Roland, I be Beyonce!' the 'Black' or the group
The 'Flirt' of the group
Also known as 'Britney Spears'
Is Ginger, has OCD, is in love with Will Schuester and is the school's guidance councellor
The guitar player of Glee band
Will Schuester's cheating wife
The leader and role model for Glee club
Leader of the Cheerio's squad, and sports facilities (Appears on News)
HintName (& Surname)
Chinese guy in Glee, can dance well
'Justin Beiber' of the Glee group
The 'Nerd' of the school
Sue's PET
School's 'Bully'
Will Schuester's high school enemy
Puckerman's later girlfriend, another school bully (Female)
The school's original sports coach
The school's second coach when Ken Tanaka leaves
The school principle, from India
Will Schuester's Glee replacement
Kurt's boyfrend, lead singer of the Warblers, and also 'Gay'
Played by Charice, the exchange student from the Philippines
Rachel's cheating, lying, judgemental boyfriend working behind her back
The washed-up broadway star who drinks her way through life

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