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Can you name the super smash bros brawl characters?

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Has white wings and uses a bow and arrows
A hero in love with princess peach and wheres a red hat
a hero in love with daisy and wheres a green cap in the mario series
an evil cousin of mario and luigi
a villan from the mario series whos son is always kidnapping princess peach
a huge monkey who battles bowser in subspace
a brother monkey of d..... k... and a cousin of f.... k...
a princess from the mario
a small flying knight who helps marth fight off all the evil soldiers
a here in legend of zelda
a toon version of the hero in legend of zelda
a princess from the link series
has charizard, ivysaur and squirtle
a small yellow mouse belong to ash in the pokemon series
a weasel mouse pokemon belonging to the gym leader maylene in the pokemon series
a male swordsman that shouts 'great aether', when he gets the special brawl
A prince whos special is a one hit kill.
a fire breathing dinosaur that meets up with l... in the opening video
a blue hedgehog known from sprinting fast
has 3 special powers and causes a starstorm with his final smash
causes a star storm with final smash and has 3 powers
a red person in a metal suit whos special is a huge beam trapping anyone in the way
a drawn creature who turns into an octapus when breaks smash brawl
someone on thing that turns into a chef when it breaks the smash brawl
a human who owns the stage 'shaddow moses island'
an orange animal from star fox
star fox command has ..... isolating himself from the rest of the team
leader of star fox
a small pink round pokemon
one of the evil guys and raised by a group of waddle dees
has a group of pikmin to help him on his quest
a brown monster who betrays bowser in subspace emissary
his last name is a car type c...... f.....
a group of two young kids who host the stage 'summit'
a robot disguised as a ghost on subspace emissary
can transform from a princess to a fighting blond hair woman
a woman who finds a metal suit in the subspace emissary

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