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What is the evolved form of Koffing?
What type of pokemon is,'Chimchar?
Name the last 'Pokemon' in the evolution stage of Seedot - Nuzleaf - ?
What does Marshtomp evolve into?
In Pokemon Blue, what is the first move that jigglypuff learns?
Dawn joins Ash and travels in what region?
What pokemon game can you not find a jigglypuff on route 3?
What does Staryu evolve into?
What is Weavile's pre-evolution?
What species of flower was Vileplume modeled after?It is one of the largest flowers in the world!
What town did Ash and Brock meet their NEW female friend?
Muk, is an evolved form of what pokemon?
What type of pokemon is,'Bulbasaur?'
What is the name of the first Johto league badge Ash got?
What is Blissey's highest attribute?
hintanswerextra info
What is Jessy's Mother's name?
In the new series of pokemon(Diamond/Pearl), what is the name of the NEW girl friend of Ash and Brock?
What does Skitty evolve into?
How many brothers and sisters does Brock have?
What does,'May,' what to do with pokemon?
Lanturn is weak against a type. That same type also has a weakness to Lanturn. What is that type?Remember Lanturn is an electric type and a water type!
Which city did Ash reach after catching Primeape?
What type is,'Lucario?'He is two different types.
What member of Team Rocket does Weezing belong to?
What is the correct spelling of this pokemon: Pocheyana - Poocheyana - Poochyena
What can Jigglypuff do to make it sing longer?
What does,'Mudkip,' first evolve into?
Who quotes this from Team Rocket.'I hate water especially WET water!'
What type of pokemon is Squirtle?
Team Galactic, What is their bosses name?The overall boss. Not Mars, Jupiter or Saturn.

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