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What is the name of the Silent Brother who takes Jessamine to the Silent City?
Who replaced Agatha?
Who does Cecily marry?
Who does Jessamine marry?
What is Jessamine's surname?
What is the name of Jem's drug?
What is Thomas' brother name?
Who does Tessa bite at the beginning?
What does Sophie become at the end of Clockwork Princess?
What are Shadowhunters called?
According to Jem, how often is their everyone-thinks-Will-is-a-lunatic meeting?
What nationality is Will?
Who is Nate's mother?
What is the name of the mundane girl that Will and Jem find at the very beginning?
Who betrayed the Institute members?
What was Charlotte's birth last name?
What is Tessa's necklace in the shape of?
What is the name of Gideon and Gabriel's sibling?
What instrument does Jem play?
Where are the books set?
Whose name does Will say when drinking holy water?
What is Camille's surname?
What is the name of the ghost who Will meets with at the beginning of Clockwork Prince?
How does Tessa describe the ninth circle of hell?
How does Will describe the ninth circle of hell?
What is Henry's middle name?
Which angel was trapped in Tessa's necklace?
What are Mortmain's minions called?
What do both Will and Tessa love?
What does Benedict change into when he becomes a demon?
Which demon 'cursed' Will?
What does Sophie have on her face that shocks people?
What is the name of Will's older sister?
What is the formal name of demon pox?
What does Jem name his cat?
Is The Infernal Devices the prequel or sequel to The Mortal Instruments?
What Downworlder is Tessa?
What is the name of the angel who created Shadowhunters?
What is another name for Mortmain?
What does Will change Gabriel's surname to?
What do Tessa and Will name their eldest child?
What is a healing rune called?
What is the first thing Jem says to Tessa?
What is another name for the Silent City?
What nationality is Jem?
What was Tessa's mother's real name?
What was the name of the demon who killed Jem's parents?
What nationality is Bridget?
Who did the Shadowhunters think was the Magister to start with?
What nationality is Tessa?
What is the name of the club that the Dark Sisters were members of?
Who is Jem's parabatai?
Who is Tessa's great-grandfather?
What do Tessa and Will name their second child?

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