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Can you decide whether the following moments actually happened in the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Type T for true and F for false (Spoilers for parts 1-8)

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The corpse of Jesus Christ allows a crippled man to shoot his fingernails like bullets
A baby causes an earthquake that reaches a 7 on the Richter scale
The hero is fatally attacked by a disembodied head on his honeymoon
A battle is resolved by a cat jumping on the villains hand
A group of gangsters watches soccer inside a turtle
The heroes are almost defeated when somebody summons every single fictional character from anywhere in the world
The hero defeats somebody by tactically placing a dove inside a woman's mouth
A man with four testicles blinds somebody with bubbles
True or FalseAnswer
A priest goes to Cape Canaveral and accelerates all time in the Universe
A stockbroker is killed by his own belt
A villain steals people's souls by beating them in a video game
A deadly villain attacks with his ability to turn chairs into bears
An elderly man slits his wrists in order to find an invisible baby
The weather makes people think they are turning into snails
Our hero puts on a deadly suit of armor that removes his ability to feel pain and keeps his broken bones in place
A woman has the ability to control anyone who can see her ankle

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