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Can you name the Radiohead Songs presented in alphabetical order?

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A: The opening track to the band's 1997 album OK Computer is titled after a car safety feature
B: The title track of their 1995 sophomore album is named for a condition that a scuba diver may suffer
C: The band's biggest single to date, from their 1993 debut album Pablo Honey, claims that the singer isn't a pleasant person
D: This track from 2001's Amnesiac is named after two units of american currency
E: This track from OK Computer was originally written to be the music playing over the credits in a movie
F: This unusual track breaks OK Computer in two, featuring a robot listing various changes made to a person's life
G: This title of this track was the original title of the band's 2003 album Hail to the Thief and means 'twilight or dusk'
H: This single from their second album in 1995 has a name that roughly means 'elevated and without any moisture'
I: This promotional single from 2001's Amnesiac was used in the movie Vanilla Sky, and the title suggests the singer's possible mistakes
J: This single from their second album features the catchy refrain 'You do it to yourself, you do, and that's why it really hurts'
K: The title track from their 2000 fourth studio album features bizarre lyrics spoken by an electronic voice
L: The unusual way in which singer Thom Yorke dances in the video for this single from 2011's The King of Limbs became something of an internet meme
M: This bombastic track from 2003's Hail to the Thief is named for an infectious disease in rabbits
N: This emotional single from 2007's In Rainbows has a name meaning exposed or uncovered
O: Think positive and you might remember the name of this track from their fourth album
P: One of the band's most critically acclaimed songs, this track from OK Computer is named for a robot who is a bit of a worrywort
R: The video for this In Rainbows track was picked from various fan entries as part of a contest
S: The closing track to The King of Limbs has a name meaning something that divides
T: This somber track has appeared in the band's live shows for years, and finally made an appearance as the closing track of 2016's A Moon Shaped Pool
U: This track comes from a bonus disc for In Rainbows, and its name involves being on a piece of casual climbing equipment
V: This track from Pablo Honey shares its name with a food group
W: The title of this track from Hail to the Thief would be what vampires who target children would say
Y: The opening track to Pablo Honey is a single word that someone could use to refer to the person currently playing this quiz

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