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description of character
fights againsts terrorists in the middle east and was later recruited into the task force 141
fighter of aliens and flood alike he practically single-handedly saved the galaxy against the covenant
famous as the master of stealth this video game character was known for his work in thwarting the plans of metal gear and FOXHOUND
traveled the west in search of a man by the name of dutch only because he could not go back to his wife and child until he killed this man
crashed on the USG ISHIMURA this character is known for shooting up zombie/aliens and for having dementia
even though he grew up as a rich aristocrat, this character becomes an assassin after his father and two brothers are murdered by a secret organization known as the templars
even though his father was a jedi he becomes a sith after he is abducted by darth vader at an extermely young age and trained to kill other jedi
formerly a scientist, this character fought his way out of his workplace after a freik intergalactic creature started spawning and killing his co-workers, his workplace? Black Mesa
description of character
his father was a violin player, and he is extremely loyal to communist russia until he was betrayed by a so-called ally who killed his best friend, dmitri petrenko
he is a plumber who has a green brother and a pink girlfriend who always needs saving from a fat dragon-turtle. oh and did i mention hes itallian
his girlfriend has a funny name he carries a sword sheild bow/arrows and a slingshot and he has a bad habit of saying HYYAAA! but nothing else oh and hes elvish
this little yellow guy lived in the 80s and loooves eating pellets and fruit and hates ghosts...seriously if you miss this you fail
he can take down enemies about 40 times his size and does it easy he has killed gods before and even become one and he is only on the PS3/2
this guy enjoys killing lots of 'mole people' his best friend is dominic or dom and he fights for the coalition of gears
he was the star of the only good disney game ever to come out and he hangs out with donald duck and goofy but he also fights the forces of the darknes and lots of disney villians

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