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Forced Order
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DescriptionBuilding Block
Because of the misfortune, the protagonist has learned the wrong lesson from the traumatic experience and come away with a false assumption or belief that is wrongly guiding thier
* is the crucial thing thats missing from the protagonists life that he/she needs to discover about him/herself or if they are to become a full human being and happy.
This comes in the epiphany allowing the protagonist to understand whats missing from thier life. This is where they discover what they actually need to live fully.
Is the protagonist haunted by some * - a specific, traumatic event from the past - that's recounted or shown in Act 1?
Opening phase of the story, sets it in motion. Leads to the I I .
Protagonist faces a * at the begining of stories that start in a dystopia. Sometimes aware but unaware how to solve it.
An event from outside that herals the story's conflict. May not be aware of it or may resist it.
The * is the discovery about the antagonist/Adversary and his/her plan. Usually happens in a form of attack.
This is the first action the protagonist takes as a result of what he or she has learned, with this, the protagonist takes up the story's challenge and sets his/her main goal.
This is the antagonists plan for counter attack against the protagonists 1st P P action.
This is the line of attack the protagonist develops to overcome the antagonist and reach his her main goal.
Pressue cooker in the middle of the story where the forces of the protagonist and of the antagonist vie against each other for dominance.
The protagonist increasingly loses to the antagonist until the protagonist's *. Everything fighting for appears lost.
The protagonist stumbles across a second and final major discovery about the antagonist. This is the final piece of information they need to fight the antagonist.
The 2nd Rev forces a * on the protagonist whether or not they act decide to up on it. This is where they learn how dangerous the Antagonist really is.
This is the first, significant action the protagonist takes as a result of the 2nd Rev and M.D.
The protagonist comes under increasing pressure as he/she decends into an 'underworld' - usually the antagonists lair.
Danger from the protagonist's DIH escalates until the protagonist sees his/her death or that of an intimate ally.
The final showdown between the protagonist and the antagonist - the storys climax. Settles the conflict and question of which of them will win.
This is the scene that the audience has been led to expect since the 1st P P and, without which we would feel dissatisfied.
This is the sudden reversal of fortune or story twist.
Final relaxing of tension - the untying of the dramatic knot.
DescriptionBuilding Block
Because of the DB and D the protagonist and his/her allies now live in a new world.
Template - Type of story - only refers to those categories of stories that affect the story building blocks.
The neccessary arena in which the priniciples of the protagonist and antagonist must unfold.
These are the characters who learn or change the most by the end of the story. At the heart is an idea or moral that puts the story's theme/concept into action.
His/her motivation from which he/she sets his/her goal in the story.
The protagonists, M + WB causes this. Which will be something that is actualy detrimental to him/her and others and immoral on some level.
The protagonists winning his/her goal should be more crucial to him/her that his/her life. The moral behind the story's theme or concept.
F - Will argue or fight with the protagonist to change thier behaviour in order to push him/her towards the right goal. A - Not only help but illuminate and expand his/her world.
The main character that opposes the protagonist and competes against him/her for the story's goal.
For a powerful line of antagonism between A + P an outside, bigger challenge is required to keep them together until they unite. (relationship story's)
A character who appears an Ally of the protagonist but secretly is connected with the antagonist.
Audience knows something the characters are unaware of.
Signpost ot signal to the audience events to come, of which the story's characters are unaware.
The entire sequence of events in which someone acts on someone else or on something else to achieve a goal.
Refers to the specific events that set up, advance and resolve the central conflict - what happens in the story.
Encapsulates the character and plot a story in one sentence.
Greater moral or concept that the story illustrates - what the story is about.
Encompasses the character of the protagonist and antagonist, the functions of their allies, the plot and how they illuminate a narratives theme or concept.
Refers to unspoken thoughts or motives of characters when these differ from what characters say.
Specific lines of dialogue that are repeated in a story and that precisely define a protagonists psychological and moral * point in the story.
Refers to the audiences willing acceptence as plausible otherwise incredible oor unbelievable circumstances.

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