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QUIZ: Can you name the Vampire Weekend songs where the titles is sung?

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We _________(ed)____, Your red right handModern Vampires of the City
Fall on your knees wasting your _____Vampire Weekend*
Bend my _________ (snap)Modern Vampires of the City
Then I see you, you're walking across ______ Vampire Weekend
He was a ____________ It was ‘81 Contra
I see it in your eyes that now you’re ___________Contra
______ died in ______ BayModern Vampires of the City
And dear contra __________________Contra
Oh ___, you see through the dark right past the fireflies that sleep in my heartVampire Weekend
______________ Lord knows I haven't tried I'll take my standVampire Weekend
But who could ever live that way? ______Modern Vampires of the City
_______, I want 'em to know God's loves die youngModern Vampires of the City
The pin-striped men of morning are coming for to dance. Forty-million dollars ________________Vampire Weekend
You take your time, __________Modern Vampires of the City
Till me and ___________ saw crawling vines and weeping willowsModern Vampires of the City
_______ don't you know that it's insane? Don't you want to get out of Cape CodVampire Weekend
Bounced across a Saudi satellite dish And through your brain to _____________Contra
The __________ know who I am I've held dreams of ______ all of my lifeVampire Weekend*
In December, drinking _______Contra
Every time I see you in the world, you always ___ to my girlModern Vampires of the City
It struck me that the two of us could __Contra
Hold me in your ______________, looked up full of fearModern Vampires of the City
I see a __________ through the treesVampire Weekend
_______ couch, how handsome your furniture---
Me and my ______ and you and your ______Contra
Who gives a **** about an ___________?Vampire Weekend
If __________ won't change your mindModern Vampires of the City
But if I wait for a ______ could it stop my fear? Contra
You and I will die _________ bound to the tracks of the trainModern Vampires of the City
For all I know he died killer of __________---

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