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Forced Order
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LyricsTitleAlbum (including bonus tracks)
Turn your back on Mother Nature ______________
It feels better ___, skip a hit, donìt make a sound
______________ and a tick tick tick tick
We'll never be ___, it don't run in our blood
And laughing 'til our ___ get tough
_________ are up for it, I know you love it when the hairpins start to drop
Baby it's ok, it's ______ anyway
LyricsTitleAlbum (including bonus tracks)
_______ go hand and hand, that's why we're making headlines
__________ sparking up my heart
Be a part of _________, everything will glow for you
Let's go down to the ____ and talk it out like yeah
Riding around on the bikes, we’re ______
And you know, we're on each other's ____
I'll find my own ___, it's a switch flipped

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