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Can you name the song title in these Noah and the Whale lyrics?

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Forced Order
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___ where you will need your friends tonight
Last night I slept with a ___
You were hoping for so much more, but it's ___
In ___ I you might just prove me wrong
But I was looking through ___
Oh, when I look to the ___, it's separated only by scars
Oh when I last saw ___, she lied and said it was her birthday
Day by day ___ comes back to me
Well, ___ I have no one
Don't forget the tune and just ___
Is this ___ between heaven and hell?
Well, I was looking for Harvest, but I only found ___
Oh. 'cause ___ to be out on your own again
___ to hear you scream
But don't be shy, be brave little champion, well that's ___
Baby, she's a ___
___ and please don't see me as a coward
Because ___ where everything could change
Yeah, the stars shining through ___
___ is only dead end
I will only let you down but ___
I'll follow it round, 'till ___
___ you've got more than money and sense, my friend
___ something still burns
It was only a few years ago, but it feels like a ___
But if you ___ you can get a little love of your own
You can't break ___
Well, I'm just ___, just a silhouette against the rising sun
Your __your___ gotta live like it's your life
I'm carrying all the ___, gimme the ___
I'd follow you to the ___
I'd ___ just to do it again, turn back time, be with my friends
Like ___ inseparably combined
___ are calling, but I know that it's hard

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