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Betraying you? C'mon, this is business!
What an awful wound... Please don’t talk anymore!
Barinten took advantage of war and burned the village! Why? To get the family skills only our family knows.
Even if your ideals are great, they're just dreams if you can't fulfill them! So how can you fulfill them? You need power! That's the politics of the world! I can see it clearly no
Don't apologize, Dycedarg. After all, Gustav wasn't much of a soldier. The plan couldn't be changed after the Marquis was kidnapped in Gallione.
I was always surrounded by the convent walls... and I have only seen the sky through them.
Nobody wants you to be king!
If he obeys orders, fine. If he resists, we have no choice...
Who do you think we are!? We're not animals! We're human, just like you!
Finally we got it! The Cardinal’ll be very pleased!
We tried to escape but only the Princess got caught!! I couldn't save her. They're about to execute her. We must hurry!!
And don't do anything funny! There's tons of powder inside the fort!
There's no 'justice' in using and deceiving people.
Izlude, whom you killed at Riovanes, was my brother!!
My family was once respected like the Beoulves.
I'd love to talk more with you, but I must hunt down some thieves. Pardon me.
That's right. I spread this to the Hokuten Province. Any soldier who inhales this will be too sick to fight!
You heretics don't fear God! I'll fix you!
Oh, you fool... She's not in this castle! The only ones here are the spirits of the dead...
You’ve been secretly planning with the Church to overthrow me.
He may be your brother, but he's joined our family. Think you can fight with him? Ha, ha...

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