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Can you name the Big Time Word Ladder 2

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What you might do on 4th down
Undersized creature
Angry monologue
How Harry Potter casts a spell
Author Ayn __________
To tear or rip
Change shape without breaking
Round, decorative object
Not alive
How to start a personal letter
A bargain
Lunch, dinner, etc.
Lament loudly
Earth has one of these
Cow sounds
Baby sounds
Business leaders
July - August Zodiac folks
Politician: __________ Trotsky
Big cat
Aquatic bird
Tool for making fabric
Living ________, dining _________, etc.
To wander about
Squishy, absorbant substance
Young horse
A king's entertainment
Stuff for eating
Not bad
Element symbol: Au
Low temperature
Another young horse!
A medieval person from Western Europe, perhaps
Soft fabric
These go in shoes
To worry
Singer for Poison: _________ Michaels
Bad child
To gloat about an object or accomplishment
Online collection of posts, regularly updated
The Rorschach, or ink _________ test
A piece of land
To move along slowly
Do something fun
Pottery material
Audiences do this at the end of a show
To hit, perhaps across the face
Wash with __________ and water
To fly high
Wild pig
A person with bad manners
Explosion sound
A fortunate event
Became alive
_________ on the cob

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