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What HappenedHow To Rock....
Kacey and Stevie think Zander likes them
Gravity 5 and Perfs go on crazy trip for a certain item
Stevie becomes a Perf
Kacey and Zander's hands get glued together
Kacey and Molly have intense fashion rivalry
Gravity 5 and Perfs trapped in mall
Gravity 5 and Perfs have volunteer projects
Zander enters art contest
Kacey dreams about being the chosen one
Tons of people join Gravity 5 for concert in courtyard
Gravity 5 tries to outdo the Perfs in this certain aspect
Kacey Simon fell from grace
Kacey gets her and Stevie fired from Danny Mangos
What HappenedHow To Rock....
Kacey designs own clothing line
Kacey accidentally asks Stevie's crush to dance
Gravity 5 and the Perfs team up to get money for school
Kevin and Nelson protest pizza stew
Kacey discovers she's good at a sport
All invited to coolest party of the year
Grace turns out to have excellent outdoors skills
Kacey claims there is a deadly mold in school
Gravity 5 crashes celebrities concert
They all try to make each other lose
Big Time Rush guest stars
Kacey's crazy planning makes Nelson upset

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