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Can you name the USMLE Rate Determining Enzymes for Step 1

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HMP shuntPositive: NADP+; Negative: NADPH (recall fxn is to generate NADPH)
De novo Purine synthesisNegative: AMP, IMP, GMP
Urea CyclePositive: N-acetyl glutamate
De Novo Pyrimidine synthesis
Glycogen SynthesisPositive: Glucose, insulin; Negative: Epinephrine, Glucagon
GlycogenolysisPositive: AMP, epinephrine, glucagon; Negative: Insulin, ATP
TCA cyclePositive: ADP; Negative: ATP, NADH
Cholesterol SynthesisPositive: Insulin, Thyroxine; Negative: Glucagon, cholesterol
GluconeogenesisPostive: ATP; Negative: AMP, Fructose 2,6 BP
Fatty Acid OxidationNegative: Malonyl CoA
GlycolysisPositive: AMP, Fructose 2,6 BP; Negative: ATP, Citrate
Fatty Acid SynthesisPositive: Insulin, Citrate; Negative: glucagon, palmitoyl coA

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