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hintMovieextra hint
Let down your hairWhen will her life begin?
She will wake at true loves kissShes ugly when she sleeps
The alien and a hoola dancer'Little punch buggy!'
His life depends on a single red roseOne sexy beast
This mouse couple comes to the rescueRescue us!
A lot of crowns, gowns, and amphibians in this movieI love balls, and the voodoo man
He has big earsThink with your ears!
Acts as a man to fight for her fatherI'm not transgendered! What are you talking about?
hakuna matata Zazu, you need a new hobby.
Theres an odd number of 'little people'I love the show Little People Big World
hintMovieextra hint
a monkey and a street rat ride on a carpetThis genie is awesome
She lost her glass slipper I hate my step mother..
Mickey mouse and the gang joing together for this oneI'm not sure about this one...
A tiger, bear, and owl live in 100 acre woodsWhere did the honey go?
They had around a 101 petsPuppies!
Unlikely animals become friends 'Cause we're the best of friends
One big ape familyAhh-aah-aah!
She has a flounder and a seagull for friendsSwim!
Lost his mom from huntersAll the deer i see are on the hood of my car dead.
This pet is quite a star with his lightning tattooRun name of movie, Run!

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