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What's the name of the mining camp?
What is the 'lamp of the poor'?
What sport did the San Francisco Alexander play?
What is Catherine's married name?
Where does she live?
Where does Calum see his reflection as a child?
Who does Calum kill?
What does he kill him with?
What city is he sent to prison in?
'They are hardy, intrepid, accustomed to a rough country and ____________ ' (6 words)
Which old friend does Calum meet on the street?
What does Catherine's drama teacher tell her she has to lose?
Whose wife does Catherine meet boarding a plane to Halifax?
What does Alexander buy for Calum
What does cousin Alexander leave the camp with
What do the boys find in a ditch outside of New Liskeard?
How does Grandpa die?
What is Grandfather doing when he dies?
What is Grandma afflicted with?
Where is Calum when he dies?

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