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How much do you know about Giant Pandas?

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Albino pandas are mainly what two colors?
Giant pandas cannot break down what known compound?
What country do the most amount of pandas live in?
A newborn panda is approximately what fraction of its mother's weight?
Although pandas mainly eat bamboo, their body is designed like what type of animal?
What is a panda's scientific name?
What food do pandas primarily eat?
What is the oldest ancestor of the giant panda?
What panda, born in July of 2012, now resides in the San Diego Zoo?
What part of a panda's body is abnormally strong?
What birth defect do newborn pandas temporarily have?
What season do pandas mate in?
Pandas are most closely related to what other animal?
What is a panda cub's primary and most threatening predator?
What panda was born in the National Smithsonian Zoo on August 22nd of 2015?
What is the direct english meaning of 熊猫 (Panda) in Mandarin?
What two things do pandas symbolize in China?
What province of China do the most amount of pandas live in?
Who is the oldest living panda in captivity (37 years old)
What do pandas sort of have that allows it to grasp bamboo easily?

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