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Who picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been?
Where does Luka live?
What kind of sandwich does the man from the land down under give me?
How does Outkast suggest you shake it?
What establishment is at the end of Lonely Street?
Who do you reach if you call 867-5309?
What did Johnny win from the devil in Georgia?
How did Maxwell kill Joan?
How do you save a horse?
Where does Delilah live?
What did Miley never get the memo about?
Whose mom has got it going on?
Who was blown away?
What were the good ole boys drinking at the levee?
Who does Beelzebub have a devil put aside for?
Our fathers fought the second World War and where did they spend their weekends?
Who is NOT Michael Jackson's lover?
What should Jude do with a sad song?
Why is he buying her some fruity little drink?
What does Ke$ha brush her teeth with?

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