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Can you name the Final Destination Series Deaths?

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CharacterMethod of DeathMovie
Tod WaggnerFinal Destination
Terry ChaneyFinal Destination
Valerie LewtonFinal Destination
Billy HitchcockFinal Destination
Carter HortonFinal Destination
Alex BrowningIn between Final Destination and Final Destination 2
Evan LewisFinal Destination 2
Tim CarpenterFinal Destination 2
Nora CarpenterFinal Destination 2
Kat JenningsFinal Destination 2
Rory PetersFinal Destination 2
Clear RiversFinal Destination 2
Eugene DixFinal Destination 2
Brian GibbonsFinal Destination 2
Thomas BurkeIn between Final Destination 2 and Final Destination 3
Kimberly CormanIn between Final Destination 2 and Final Destination 3
Ashley FreundFinal Destination 3
Ashlyn HalperinFinal Destination 3
Frankie CheeksFinal Destination 3
Lewis RomeroFinal Destination 3
Erin UlmerFinal Destination 3
Perry MalinowskiFinal Destination 3
Ian McKinleyFinal Destination 3
CharacterMethod of DeathMovie
Julie ChristensenUnknown if dead or alive
Kevin FischerUnknown if dead or alive
Wendy ChristensenUnknown if dead or alive
Nadia MonroyThe Final Destination
Carter DanielsThe Final Destination
Samantha LaneThe Final Destination
Andy KewzerThe Final Destination
Hunt WynorskiThe Final Destination
Jonathan GroveThe Final Destination
George LanterThe Final Destination
Janet CunninghamThe Final Destination
Lori MilliganThe Final Destination
Nick O'BannonThe Final Destination
Candice HooperFinal Destination 5
Isaac PalmerFinal Destination 5
Olivia CastleFinal Destination 5
Roy CarlsonFinal Destination 5
Dennis LapmanFinal Destination 5
Jim BlockFinal Destination 5
Peter FriedkinFinal Destination 5
Molly HarperFinal Destination 5
Sam LawtonFinal Destination 5
Nathan SearsFinal Destination 5

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