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AKramer claims Jerry is a rabid one of these.
BBurned out by the catalog, Peterman escapes to refuge in this country.
CJerry and Elaine avoided Frank on the street once because he was with a man wearing this.
DMorty was the deposed president of phase two of this condo community.
EThis was the beltless trenchcoat Morty invented.
FJerry was stuck dog sitting this mutt when a pasenger on his plane fell ill.
GSorry, we've already got a George. This bizarro George prefers to read.
HMickey gets caught doing this unspeakable act in an attempt to keep his job as a stand-in.
INed, the communist Elaine dates has this very Russian sounding surname.
JThis guy talks in the third person. Before he got his training shoes he was like you.
KI'm not driving him to the airport!
LHis electronics store burned down when Jerry accidentally knocked over a can of paint thinner.
MWho would have figured this immigrant had a pony?
NBob Sacameno sells Russian hats down at Battery Park made from this rodent.
OElaine wears this team's hat at a Yankees game.
PWhile posing as Uncle Leo's nurse, Elaine uses this obscure name to hide her identity.
QDuring a game of Scrabble, Kramer insists this is a word. It's what a doctor does to a patient if they get difficult.
RThis movie is about a woman's erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.
SGeorge tells the Ross' he has two horses at his place at the Hamptons. Prickly Pete and this one.
TThe Maestro claimed there were no houses available in this reigon.
UWhile briefly running the J Peterman catalog, Elaine blunders by putting this on the cover.
VThis foreigner was stuck on a plane flight with Puddy and Elaine and later in the same cab.
WElaine's boyfriend Brett is obsessed with 'Desperado'. She was hoping they could share this song together.
XWhile posing as Dr. Van Nostren, Kramer admires what a doctor has done with these.
YThe Bubble Boy's father drives a truck for this fine product.
ZWhen Elaine makes a comic strip for the New Yorker she inadvertently rips off this other comic strip.

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