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I didn't mean it, George.
My mother is really hot!
One teacher, too many students, lots of stairs
Oh, my GOD! He's a cockroach!
There are not enough places to sit!
Lucille Ball and Kate Hepburn star in the movie
Buddy needs a bath!
If he wasn't so darn tidy, we'd get along just great!
Get on your beetle and ride!!!
Vietnam nurses, a day in the life.
It's a good thing Nazi's weren't interested in reading.
Magic flowers and unhappy lovers
Court playwright in revolt
Invisible rabbit
Mr. Smith, I presume?
Are those horses blind?
Put some shoes on, it's snowing in Washington Park.
We're not talking about 10 residents of Cleveland!
When's it gonna rain?
Curlers, gossip and cancer
No pachyderms in this carnival
I want a mob at my wedding, too!
The bonds are in the bear!
One horrific house guest!
Adventures in love up north.
'It is my name!'
Dusting all those glass animals is getting on my nerves
What a scam artist!
Abstinence is her motto!

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