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r/trees is the subreddit for what?
Name the scientist who did an AMA and is a meme
What happens to most college freshman?
Name the pop singer who draws comparisons to Einstein.
When does the Narwhal Bacon?
Name the University that hihi_birdie and I_am_the_cheese attend
Name of the redditor who is famous on reddit
I see what you _ _
Name of the constant where you skip the first 30% of something
Many redditors want this guy as president
What is Reddits favorite game?
Why not _ ?
Futurama Fry starts with these three words
Lawyer up, hit the gym and
'When I put my spoon into my empty pudding cup, it tips over.' is an example of a
Former Asian NBA player who is a meme
Asian Actor who is a meme that is confused
Type out the correct number of 'F''s and 'U''s in the FU subreddit

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